You completed your university or college degree outside of Germany but would like to do an internship in Germany? In order to be able to do so, you should fulfil the following criteria:

* Hard skills: expertise in your field of study (study subjects – majors, minors, specializations – and   grades)
* Other skills, such as ICT skills, programming skills, etc.
* Language skills other than your native language (knowledge of German and/or English are essential)

You can prove your hard skills by providing official certificates, such as your diploma or certificates of the European Qualifications Framework (for ICT and language skills). We check for you if your university degree is recognized in Germany.
* Soft skills:
* Ability to work in teams and to cooperate,
* Ability to work independently,
* Ability to communicate and cooperate inside and outside the company
* Engagement
* Purposefulness

To prove your soft skills please provide some examples in your application.

For companies ‘cultural fit’ also plays a vital role. But what does this mean in practice?
Companies wonder if the new intern fits the corporate culture and way of working. It is therefore important that the intern adopts quickly to the new working environment and gets along with colleagues.

Please also include stays abroad in your CV. We happily assist you in updating your CV.

How much time does it take?

The whole process, from the idea to the first day of your internship, takes approximately ten months. Please take the timeline below as an approximate timeline.
10 month before:  you have the idea – what, where, how long – and contact us;
9 month before: you send your documents to MIRKS;
7 to 6 month before: you solve administrative issues (visa, working permit, health care etc.) – we gladly assist you in doing so;
4 to 2 month: you plan your stay: accommodation, social and working life.